Title テクノポップ・ルネサンス (TECHNOPOP RENAISSANCE)
Artist テクノ妹子 with Chii☆ (TECHNO IMOCO with Chii☆)
Price 1500YEN
JAN 4560317620019
No. HUBR-0001
Label Hub
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  曲名 (YouTube Link) Title
01 彼女の彼氏は僕じゃない I am not her boyfriend
02 新世紀 New Century
03 ドレミ☆ドラマティック Do-Re-Mi☆Dramatic
04 誠実と良識 Good faith and Good sense
05 地球にさよなら Escape from the Earth
06 恋と革命 Love and Revolution
07 クリスマス・イヴ Christmas Eve
08 テクノ妹子のテーマ The theme of TECHNO IMOCO
09 おっぱい星人 People who live in Boob Planet
10 チャイナドレス Chinese Dresses
11 全日本駅弁振興会 会歌 The Anthem of the All Japan EKIBEN Promotion Association
12 テクノ妹子のテーマ (プロトタイプ) The theme of TECHNO IMOCO (Prototype)
14 Chii☆のサンプリング素材 Samples of Chii☆
15 テクノ妹子のサンプリング素材 Samples of TECHNO IMOCO

All tracks produced, composed, arranged and mixed by TECHNO IMOCO
All lyrics written by TECHNO IMOCO
Track 1 through 7 and 14 sung by Chii
Track 8 through 11 and 15 sung by TECHNO IMOCO
Track 13 performed by TECHNO IMOCO
Album Cover Art designed by TECHNO IMOCO
TECHNO IMOCO's picture taken by Shien YAMAMOTO
Copy written by Toriame
HUB Label Producer : TECHNO IMOCO